I feel I ought to apologize for not posting in so long, but this site has never really had an update schedule, and it really hasn’t been that long since the last post. It’s more a matter of my putting substantive thoughts to my roommates rather than to the internet. This hasn’t really been possible in the past, so I’m pretty excited about that. Also, I’ve been getting an education – Green Day, Bad Religion, and Quentin Tarantino have played large roles here. Of course, the 5 bio courses and single Japanese lit class have been edifying, as well, but academic structure lacks the novelty of a social life. There will always be PubMed and NYT ScienceTimes to keep a lab monkey up at night, but white cheddar popcorn and ogling Ubisoft makes for a welcome repertoire expansion.

One of my roomies has also set up a blog for the four of us, the Kitchen Table Society, as an outlet for our views on how to fix the world. This could get fun, especially since my contributions will likely oscillate between tirades against the drug industry and humorous vignettes – like my other roomie and me getting hit on by a car-full of drunk gay boys on our way home from a midnight showing of Pulp Fiction (always amusing). By the way, am I alone in thinking that Quentin Tarantino is the American version of Martin McDonagh? Perhaps we should explore this on KTS at some point. Tune in for the full rant!

To continue with the topic jumping, I’m debating putting up the occasional story/journal entry from my old log book. It was in one of my boxes, so when I was stocking my new flat’s bookshelves and ran across it I opened it to a random page and proceeded to crack up. Apparently my highschool self was an emo science nerd with a penchant for health policy reform and sarcastic fantasy novels. Now, the emo designation is the only real difference between that and my current persona, but it does add a deliciously amusing element to those old, inconsistent entries. Still, it appears the latest passworded posting freaked people out enough that none of the invitees have spoken to me since, so perhaps my sense of humor needs adjusting before any of this comes to light. We’ll see how things shape up. In the meantime, posts will continue to be erratic, but hopefully amusing (perhaps enjoyable, even). See you then!

new word for the day (courtesy of my roomie): Schnitzelbunk – Gr. “carpenter’s bench”