After the adventure of ANA soaking my luggage and destroying my books on the way over, and Narita confiscating my laptop (without telling me) on the way back, I’m finally home and rewired. When I say home, I don’t mean the place I’m homesick for, but I guess a traveller takes what’s available at the time. Of course, this home has dogs and old friends, which is infinitely preferable to moderately inebriated flatmates, so perhaps I came out on top here. Whatever the case, though, I now have a firewall-free connection that allows the upload of all those photos I’ve been promising. Here’s a small selection to start out with. Then I’m going to go back to painting the basement and reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which is sehr cool. Oh, and listening to all those cds I bought at Floydfest with the dregs of my bank account. Seriously, though, when music is the food of life, who needs supermarkets?