So today was the last day of the congress, which makes me sad intellectually, although my bum is rejoicing (sitting for 6 to 8 hours at a stretch has been a pain in the…I can’t believe I was about to write that). I’m a bit confused still about questions. I asked two, and neither time did I get an answer. I don’t think they were stupid or irrelevant, nor did the second presenter, at least, have a language barrier excuse; he just repeated the last two minutes of his talk rather than answering me. The other time, the speaker had no idea what I was asking, and the moderator said there wasn’t time for my question, and would I please ask it later. This would be why I hate open mic questions. I always walk away feeling either a jerk or a fool.

All that aside, this was much better and more educational than spending the week in basic bio lectures and my evenings hunched over a kanzi dictionary. The last keynote lecture was pretty awesome, too – a hypothetical romp and keen analysis of the facts for tissue engineering. It was much more like the lectures we had at KCL, and I wish there had been fewer important old dudes who wanted to speak to the lecturer afterwards.

The social lesson learned: Undergrads get no love. Postdocs get a pat on the back. Happening researchers are promiscuous. Frumpy old tech masters are prima donnas.

In other news, happy birthday Tesla! With the time difference, I’m not quite sure if I’m early or late, but it was sometime around now. And although he is due much love, let’s give him his space and not throw any bloomers in his coils. As Kate Beaton puts the reaction, “Ladies!”