So by grace of persistence and self-effacement, I got directions and admittance to the 9th world congress on inflammation in Shinjuku. It started out tonight with a lecture by Dr. Yamanaka of iPS cell fame. I read a few of his papers earlier this year when researching liver cell therapy, and especially was keen on the 2008 one wherein his lab demonstrated induced pluripotency can be achieved in the absence of c-Myc (Yamanaka 2008, go read it), so this was certainly worth getting all dressed up. Although, what with my now only having one set of dress clothes, this ought to be an interesting week. But hey, any conference that starts out with humorous comparisons of Bush and Obama re stem cells (“Absolutely NO” versus “Yes We Can”) is bound to be good. Once again, my initial reaction to the lecture would be best summed up as <3.

東京からの手紙2: Just an update for you all. I still don't have internet and apparently will not for the duration of my stay, so I'll be making do with the heavily-firewalled library computers. They have no word processor, block all uploads, block my ability to edit this blog, and (in the PCs' case) block flash drives, and about all one can do is cruise PubMed and maybe email, so blog posts will be at a minimum. However, please know that I'm having an awesome time and may still put up simple posts like this one. There will be less stilted talk when I'm back in the states. For now, I'm going to go do some recreational PubMed reading!