What do you do when thinking about what was and what you wanted to happen when it has irreparably gone another way? I tend to find a way to blame myself, and spend a long time hating myself for whatever happened. I also think about all of the alternative decisions that might have led to a different outcome, and how I really should have taken one of those courses to be much happier and ignorant of the current regret. I wish I could say I think in the same way whenever I have a stroke of good fortune (or just for the daily bits), but bad luck, pain, guilt, and regret all seem more consuming. I guess on the bright side, I could really push the sketch to a finish and repurpose it as a statement on graffiti and temporal contrast, but that’s just not what I wanted it to be, and the pseudo-intellectual artistic crap always gets on my nerves. I’m going to go sulk for a bit.