As the title suggests, my last exam is tomorrow, and I’m cramming. I’ve been cramming for days. If I don’t write something, even something horrifyingly pointless, I’m going to break; already once today I vented (politely and articulately, which was a miracle) at two fellow students who were interviewing random people in the canteen about abortion. The poor guys were probably expecting a little more along the lines of “an abortion doctor was gunned down in the states. is this okay Y/N,” but they got a good 5 minute detailing of the public health ramifications of anti-abortion legislation in (especially) tropical and 3rd world countries, along with the pitfals and upshots to legally defining the moral status of the embryo and fetus. They then proceeded to ask questions like “do you think there is a gender divide in the UK? Worldwide? How so?” and “thousands of women in S. America die every year as result of illegal abortions. Do you think abortion should be made legal there? What should be done?” Open questions like that are dangerous, especially when the interviewee has been writing timed essays on these topics for the past month. The moral of this episode was to never interrupt a biomedical student during exam season unless you are ready to take notes. Alternatively, always carry cookies to shut us up.