I would enjoy studying regen med a whole lot more if I had any idea of the level of detail expected on the exam. There aren’t any sample questions, and our only guideline was about peanuts. I’m assuming that means this is a broad spectrum theory exam. Anyway, I’m going to stick up some thoughts for the day to compromise between complete mental isolation and neglecting my studies.

  • Dr. Anthony Hollander and the Claudia Castillo Consortium are my idols. How often do you have a bunch of genius, bleeding edge researchers who can whip off a never-before-performed treatment in just a few weeks and know two surgeons who 1) are amateur aviators, and 2) are willing to make an international incident out of saving someone’s life? Well, that’s the everyday life of a regen med researcher.
  • This is the sort of counterargument I’d like to note in response to last week’s Nature article about scientists being “boring.” Evidently that author has been spending a little too much time in the EB hood. He should get out and smack down Ryanair once in a while.
  • NIF rocks my socks. It rocks my socks right off.
  • The potential opening of NIF is another counterargument to that article, and it’s offering me hope that the approach to experimental science hasn’t been dulled in all fields.
  • Why doesn’t parliament create a new oversight agency for admix embryos? Having HFEA take care of it for now will work, but it has the potential to get legally very messy as the field progresses.
  • Having a bioethics question on tomorrow’s exam would be so sweet. An hour wouldn’t be long enough to really cover the issues, but I think I could manage to offend (or make very happy – I’m a little fuzzy on that distinction when it comes to philosophers) Dr. Harris. As noted earlier, he and I disagree somewhat on the definition of communication, as well as on the basis for morality and value.

Well, I’m now off to take a proper break by visiting Parliament. Then it’s back to the library to study, drink coffee, study, get tea, study, trudge home at 10pm, study…my laundry just isn’t happening this week, is it.