Okay, first off, I took down the excerpt from the last post, since nobody seems to even notice it. Honestly, even I admit it was pretty boring out of context, and I’d rather you guys forget you ever saw it. It was just experimenting with character dynamics anyway. The rest of the story is all about biological paradigm shifts, time-traveling smartasses, intergalactic schism and all sorts of fun and interesting things. Maybe I’ll write those parts down someday.

In the meantime, I’m trying not to let relief over one exam distract me from studying for the upcoming ones. It’s a lost cause. I sit here looking at an article on doxycycline-induced lentiviral vectors in iPSC generation, and all I can think of is: “huh, I didn’t know dox could do that. Maybe this could illuminate its function as an anthelmintic…” Hopeless, I tell you. That exam was the only one out of my four that I was looking forward to, and it was also the one I’ve been most concerned about. When you have fantastic professors, you’d rather do anything than let them down. Still, apart from saying Chagas transmission involved amastigotes on the conjunctiva rather than trypomastigotes on the mucosa in one of the essays, it went pretty well. I actually enjoyed all three hours of the exam and finished all of my essays more or less exactly to my satisfaction.  Of course, I’m sure that having a full desk and a comfy chair in an airy, quiet hall with 30′ windows had a lot to do with that. I wonder if I could petition to take more exams here.

Other things I’ve learned this week:

  • the rose-cardamom-almond ice cream at Borough Market is to die for. We should use it as a bargaining chip in the Afghani peace talks: “extend the observation period another month and we’ll make it two scoops in a waffle cone.”
  • exams here are fun!
  • BBC Weather is about as accurate as a St. Louis forecast (although this could be due to the anti-Chaak syndrome).
  • the tourist season has begun.
  • it’s true: tourists do walk aggravatingly slowly.
  • London’s sidewalks were not designed to accommodate tourists.
  • I…I think I may have met Twoflower. Hawaiian shirt, hat, and delusional confidence in my capability and everything. Whoah!