Hey, so my masked men were up on Kaspall today along with another, creepier incarnation of the Veritarc. I’m quite flattered! In case you haven’t seen the earlier post about Kaspall (or if you simply haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet), please head over. It really is an excellent story with inkwork that makes me go green with envy. For those of you who have linked here from Kaspall, welcome!

On to today’s study break:

Possibly out of a masochistic impulse, I decided to put up a bit of a brainbarf from a story that’s been rocking around in my head for years but I’ll probably need my MD PhD to pull off. It’s the same story from which yesterpost’s sketch guy comes, but these are quite different characters at a very different point in time. Any comments about the style and whatnot would be much appreciated.


Note: due to epic unpopularity, this bit has been removed. I am also now embroiled in a law suit over killing my readers through unannounced acute boredom. My defence is that they were reading my blog, and that should have been warning enough, but the prosecution seems to object to the reality of free will. Apparently boredom is more addictive than coke. While this explains soap operas, golf, and accountancy, it leaves me facing potential charges for underage dealing.