More thoughts for the day (there’s now even a category tag for these):

  1. Amebapores are awesome.
  2. Rhoptries are pretty dang specific organelles, so why haven’t we figured out how they work and developed an AS-ON or stimuli blocker? Well, maybe that’s a lot of work when we’re starting to see vaccine options, but still. I want it all and I want it now.
  3. Why don’t we have gaslight surgeries more often? Now we know firsthand. It’s a good thing she was holding the knife upside down, or I’d be embarrassingly lopsided. Our original school motto must have been “quick and clean, no gangrene.” (actually it was miseratione non mercede, but I doubt that held true too often)
  4. Are early-teen boys really that awkward? I guess I’d written it off as mental hyperbole.
  5. 1500 years from now will people only remember English because of its technological uses today? If so, will kids in English class be moderately socially inept with a tendency to scribble ‘shit happens’ and ‘I think I’m a waffle’ on their notepads and name their AIs after horribly mispronounced puns?
  6. What happens if you use multiple chelation therapies in an Alzheimer’s patient? Aß-42 doesn’t just bind free iron, after all.
  7. For that matter, why isn’t Fe chelation more widely used? Is there a possibility of resistance as bacteria evolve to be better scavengers? I wouldn’t think they’d have much chance.
  8. would Dr. Mitchell let me call him MoAb Mitchell?
  9. Is that Tarkan or Freddie Mercury on the cover of Metamorfoz?
  10. Why is it so dang hard to get TB tests in London?