Special study break post:

I’d like to direct your attention for a moment away from this site and towards another. Normally when I do this, it’s a scientific or political article of some sort that needs attention, and I’m perfectly content to leave other net-surfing to the reader’s discretion. Those who enjoy it already have their daily lineup, and those who don’t have other things to do. However, this is one site that I know at least two of my four regular readers will enjoy, and I would encourage everyone to pay it a visit.

Kaspall, written and illustrated by Lucy Lyall, is on my shortlist of webcomics (along with Digger, Gunnerkrigg Court, and Girl Genius) and is one of the brighter points to Mondays. The artwork, as you can see, is fantastic – I personally envy both the perspective and the environment, and the inking is spectacular. The mystery is exciting and suspenseful, as well; although Kaspall works quite differently from our own world, it has its own logic and doesn’t rely on wordy, overwrought exposition to prop up the storyline.* Rather, the world unfolds a little bit at a time, just enough to keep the reader curious but mostly in step with the action. Like their world, the characters are idiosyncratic and not necessarily what they first appear – so much so that I very often wonder why the character is doing something rather than why the author is having them do it.

At the moment, Kaspall’s author is going through a bit of a rough patch (chemotherapy is notorious for disrupting everything), but has nevertheless continued to post pages, keep in touch, and generally pamper her readers. The site now offers two new sections, as well: the comic Akaxo by Shawn Alexander, and Sinister Fish, which showcases the writing of Amy Lyall. They both update monthly and are worth checking out. There is also a call out for guest art to help guard against the whims of chemo, and I would encourage any of you who like the story and have a bit of spare time to send something in. Even if it isn’t needed as filler, it will go up, and how cool is that? The finished masked men sketch of a few posts ago will be on the site at some point, so I’ve taken it down from my own gallery just as an added incentive for you to head over to Kaspall. Regular webcomic reader or no, if you enjoy PD James and Philip Pullman – or just eggregiously awesome art – this is definitely worth your time.

*the lengthiest exposition I can recall involves Hazel the Landlady whacking someone with her umbrella halfway through, so that’s alright.