img_0425_2I’m going to be out of town for a while, bumming train rides across the continent. I don’t know exactly how much internet access I’ll have, and I may very well not take my computer, so there may be a two-week hiatus here (followed by lots of talking, I shouldn’t wonder). To tide you over, I thought I might post a picture or two from my NHM escapades, and give you a sneak preview of a few things I’ll be working on over break.

On the museum end of things, I wandered out to the Natural History Museum twice, somehow managing to be totally oblivious to the reportedly bloody G20 riots. However, I did not miss the hordes of tourist groups that rushed around squawking and barging through exhibits without even pausing in front of the cases. Why they even bother coming mystifies me, but I guess they are a potent reminder of exactly what I don’t want to be. The Darwin’s Big Idea exhibit was pretty clear of sightseers and full of geeks, fortunately. It was beautifully done, and I can’t believe I’ve stood so near Darwin’s notebooks and actually read his observations. His handwriting is horrible, but the notes were quite perceptive, and his ideas were pretty much gold. It’s not as often as you’d like that someone with such a mind has such a sense of humility and good humor.

In the artwork end of things, Here are (bad) snapshots of two things I’ll be working on on the trains. The first is of one of the guys who lives in my head (dressed as a well-loved comic character, because he has a sense of fun) and the second is of two masked men you might recognize. They may eventually be joined by a third to balance the composition, but it’s on the pages of my work notebook, so why do I even bother? Speaking of which, I apologize for the uninked bits of the sketches not showing up too well, but that’s life.

Unfinished Finch sketch croppedTwo masked men unfinished sketch

Someday…someday I might actually bother getting a deviant art page or something.