With the 5 hour time difference, the inauguration yesterday was late afternoon for me, so while our new president was enjoying his luncheon, I went and cooked supper. Usually I cook sans recipe with whatever happens to smell good at the time, and this meal was no exception. However, it did turn out exceptionally well, so I thought I might share:

Melt a slice of butter in a skillet with a liberal amount of garam masala and a few dashes of turmeric, and roll it around so it coats the pan and the spices are well mixed. Dump in one of those 180g packs of “Seafood Selection” from the grocery store (mussels, king prawns, and squid suckers) along with a sprinkling of salt, a little black pepper, and a dash or two (or three, if you’re me) of cayenne. Sauté it until the seafood is done and the spices are beginning to get a little crispy, then serve hot.

Although I didn’t have any on hand, I’d serve this on a bed of israeli couscous with a glass of dry white wine or passion fruit juice. What I had at the time, however, was a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape for toasting Obama. It worked just fine. 🙂