Alright, this is getting a bit strange. It’s been lovely weather here for the past few weeks, and I’ve been out enjoying it. So far, only when I mention to someone my good luck with the weather does it rain. It’s already happened twice, and if it becomes more of a pattern, I’m going to start worrying after England’s ecosystems and my sanity.

In a more normal frame, I began exploring the libraries today. It’s a rather awkward truth that there’s better light sitting outside of St. Paul’s at midnight than there is in my room with all the lights on at noon, so I figured I need to find all of the good study spots. Maughan Library seemed like a good place to start. I haven’t found the circular reading room yet, but then I’ve only gone to one of the buildings. The special collections building should probably be my next target. On the other hand, New Hunt’s House and the Franklin Wilkins Building both have excellent, biomedically inclined modern study spaces, so I’ll get to wander around all three this term.

Kudos to whomever knows why the Waterloo library building is named Franklin Wilkins.