This is way back from the 5th, back when I still didn’t have internet:

So I’m now living in Southwark (‘sə̩̩̩̩đɹk). It’s possibly the least water-efficient building I’ve ever encountered — no aerators on the taps, 10-gallon-flush toilets — and the heating is so badly designed that I’ve half resolved not to use it, but that’s London for you. It more than makes up for it with the rest of the city. Southwark Cathedral and the Globe are just up the street, and the British Museum, Westminster, Tower Bridge, and Surrey Quay are all within walking distance. Of course, my first trip to the British Museum was mostly made without a map, so it seemed much longer; I don’t have internet and didn’t find a bookstore until I was up past St. Paul’s. I also had to take care that no one saw me with a street atlas (as if I’m not blatantly foreign already). Now, though, I know the way by both foot and tube. The past few days have been all observation and motion, writing maps, learning a new language, and I’ve still only seen three of my eight flatmates. These are all works in progress, and from what I’ve been told to watch for it appears that I’m expediting culture shock. It would be easier in some ways if the country didn’t ostensibly speak my language. It feels less strange to lose the thread of a conversation in a second language. I wasn’t expecting this when I made the choice to study here, but I think the semester is shaping up to contain a fair amount of adventure. As long as I don’t acquire the accent, I’m all for it.