Well, Happy St. Nicholas’ Day, everyone! I hope the holidays are off to a good start for you all, with plenty of snow and hot chocolate, and a minimum of exams. One of my suitemates and I decided last night that the holidays were invented to counter how cold, dark, and bleak the world is at midwinter. Really, you just stay indoors with fire, food, light, music, people, and books to save you from said people. It isn’t about conquering the season, like when the university has a team of motorized snow plows out at 4 am rather than canceling class and letting the professors stay safely off the roads. Sometimes it’s wisest to let winter have its days. It’s nature’s time to be cold and harsh and glamorous, and for humans to be humbled by it. When you get right down to it, solstices are the times when people are allowed to be the most human–spring and fall are the times to worry over changing. 

Incidentally, that’s one of the reasons I get so depressed when I see only “0g fat” and “no sugar added” hot cocoa at the grocery store. People seem to entirely miss the point.