Everyone owes it to his/herself to read what this man has to say, and to think about it.


The one comment I would make on it is not a criticism — the post is written in special reference to the presidential race, and it covers all its bases accurately — but rather an extension after you have digested its initial message. The post really only covers the dynamic between “black” and “white” in the USA. If you belong to either group or to both or to neither, I encourage you to think how people respond to Muslims, Latinas, Catholics, Jews, Latinos, Chinese, hermaphrodites, Protestants, men, atheists, albinos, women, Indians, Koreans, pensioners, Africans, Mormons, Frenchmen, lesbians, Brits, Canadians, New Yorkers, beggars, Southern accents…

There is no such thing as bias-free humanity, but we can excise harmful and misfounded biases that have been handed down to us.Β 

And for gods’ sakes! Recessive pigment alleles shouldn’t outweigh incompetence and bigotry!