I got my first ever lab coat of my very, very own today! Then Dee and I went out and saw Prince Caspian. She and I both liked it, and I think, after I got over my initial annoyance at the plot changes and the botching of one particular line and the puerility of, well, the boys, I liked it more than the book. It stresses the changes in Edmund and Susan more, and, even though it was unnecessary and looked like the scripters were ripping a bit from Pullman, the romance was considerably more reasonable than for most t(w)een movies. When one guy I talked to warned me of a weird love triangle, I was worried that Bacchus was going to be involved, which would have been all colors of awkward. Fortunately, there was no triangle, and not a mention of Bacchus (though it’s a pity they left out all the stuff about the other gods). Still, I’m sticking to Ed’s comment on it. The humanity of some of the “villains” was a nice addition, and the pitting of English accent against Spanish accent made my inner historian chuckle.