Although by rights I should not surface until after tomorrow’s exams, I feel compelled to share this morning’s amusement. All of the chemistry exams here are at 8:00 in the morning, so you can imagine that neither the TAs proctoring them nor the students taking them are terribly thrilled to be there. Today’s chem. lab exam was particularly nasty because the writer hadn’t proofread it, and had left out several critical bits of information scattered throughout the exam, so that you had to double check the blackboard for corrections on some of the problems and wade through confusing grammar on others. On the last page there was one question that did not have a correction posted on the board, but which asked us to calculate the morality of Mn2+ in the analyte unknown. Molarity? Fine. Molality? No problem. But morality? How do you calculate that for something that lacks self-awareness? It really couldn’t affect my grade in the course, so I jotted down a short explanation of the theological problem with answering the question for an inanimate species and tabulated it at 0 Moral.