For this I reworked the fight sequence to have a meter corresponding to the original’s; where the Old English takes 10 syllables, I take twelve–after all, Modern English has to deal with articles. There is only one line where I deviate from this, and that is for aesthetic purposes; the original makes a slight break, but not where I find the emphasis to be. On occasion, I was able to work in some alliteration, but I tried to stay as faithful to the literal meaning of the lines as possible. There are also places where one might notice that a pronoun, or even an understood pronoun, has become a proper noun. This I did for the dual purposes of meter and clarity. In any case, I would appreciate all feedback, and hope you enjoy!

The mighty one beheld
kinsman of Hygelac, how the man-scather
with his onslaught would proceed.
Nor was it that the awful fiend thought to delay,
but he seized quick at the first opportunity
a sleeping warrior and tore with abandon,
bit into his bonelocks, drank the blood from his veins,
gorged himself on gigantic morsels; soon he had
the entire lifeless corpse consumed,
feet and hands. Forward, nearer, he stepped,
and then he grasped with both his hands the strong-hearted
warrior on his palate, he reached out towards
the enemy with his grip; the thane seized him quick
with hostile intent, and with his own arm sat up.
Presently that master of wicked arts realized
that he had never before met on Middle Earth,
in the reaches of the world, in another man
a greater handgrip; Grendel in his heart became
fearful of spirit; yet he couldn’t break away.
His mind was eager for him to be off; he longed to flee into the darkness,
seek the devils’ company; nor was his experience there
such as he before in older days had ever encountered.
Remembered he then, the brave kin of Hygelac,
his evening speech; he stood upright
and held fast his foe. Fingers burst;
the giant was striving to flee, the earl stepped up.
Intended that infamous one, should he be able,
to escape farther off and away from that place,
flee for his fen retreat; he knew his fingers’ wield
in that hostile grasp. That was a bitter journey
that the harm-monger undertook to Heorot!