I admit that there are rough spots here that need ironing out (ie. line 886), but I had such fun seeing my family this weekend that I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It will happen, but likely not until after this coming three-exam, three-quiz, thanks-be-that-it-is-short week. At least we haven’t gotten in to our 130-line translations yet!

At times the king’s thane,
a man filled with elegant speech, recalled stories,
he who a great many legends
a multitude recalled, other words divined
and truly bound; he spoke again, proceeded
the exploit of Beowulf with skill to recount,
and of his success recite a deft tale,
varying words. Everything he recounted
that he of Sigemund had heard tell,
of brave deeds, many unknown,
Wael’s son’s conflict, wide journeys,
of which the children of men did not fully know,
feud and wicked deed, except Fitela with him,
then those things of such great matter [Sigemund] would say,
the uncle to his nephew, as they always were together
at every battle comrades in need;
having a great many kin of giants
with sword laid low. To Sigemund sprang forth
after his deathday no little fame,
After hard wars he killed a dragon,
horde guardian; he under the greystone,
noble’s child ventured forth
in daring deed, nor was Fitela with him;
however, it befell him that that sword went through
the wondrous wyrm, that stood it on the wall,
lordly blade; the dragon through slaying died.
The warrior had brought about through valor
that he in the ring-hoard was able to enjoy
at his will; he loaded a seaboat
bore into the ship’s hold gleaming adornments,
Wael’s son; the wyrm had melted.
He to the exiles far and wide became the most famous
over nations, protector of warriors,
for brave deeds – he thus always prospered –
after Heremod’s war-strength waned,
strength and valor. He among the Jutes turned
into a fiend; power lured him away;
[he was] quickly killed. His surging sorrow
oppressed too long; he to his people became,
to all nobles, too much a fear for one’s life;
and so often lamented for earlier days
of strong-minded lifestyle many wise men;
therefore, those who had trusted in him for relief from their afflictions,
that the prince’s child should prosper,
receive his father’s nobility, guard his nation,
horde and stronghold, warrior reich,
homeland of the Scyldings. He there to all became,
kinsman of Hygelac, to man’s kin,
a dearer friend; Sin entered him*.

*This entire episode foils Beowulf and Heremod. Up until the last sentence, pretty much, we hear of Heremod’s glory and decline, and we return to this in the last clause.