Reality has set in somewhat. After an absurdly optimistic initial take on my time commitments (during which I forgot how long transliterations and prelabs take), I had a nice, hard meeting with reality. Not that I’ve gone under, but the written numbers are getting to me: 22 hours for 16 credits. Add to that 6 hours of workstudy and a minimum of 4 for WRPMing (not including weekly training and staff meetings, programming, or preparation), and I begin to feel that my schedule has turned into a batch of tribbles. Perhaps it could be said that my schedule has tribulated, so do I now have tribulations?

On the positive end of things, I have my linguistics professor from last semester again, and with a much smaller, far awesomer class. We spent Tuesday trying to pronounce every symbol in the IPA. Any class where you compare proficiency in velar trills is one in which you are in good company!