Today was our last lab of this session, and also our second test, about which I have a number of complaints. Considering how common-sensical magnetism and circuitry are, EMF tests shouldn’t have averages consistently in the mid-40s. After walking out of the test this morning, my extremely bright, double-majoring, engineer lab partner just decided to quit the course. Everyone else I’ve talked to thinks they failed, as well, including, for the first time ever, me. Believe me, I studied. At this point I should mention that the professor doesn’t curve.

Secondly, the professor decided to give this exam in-class rather than during the alotted exam time. Class is half the normal exam time, and he didn’t shorten the test. It generally takes us all a full two hours to complete the 22-question exams, so it seems to me that he has forgotten some very basic algebra.

Thirdly, he didn’t actually teach us most of the material. In fact, I think we learned just about everything we know from our TA (who, besides being brilliant, looks oddly like Charlie Epps). Of course, we’re with the professor for six and a quarter hours a week while the TA only gets two. They should reverse that. We don’t get our tests back, so it’s unlikely we’ll know exactly what mistakes we made, and there is no further review of material that obviously didn’t sink in. It’s as if the system doesn’t expect learning beyond the test dates.

Something is very wrong with the way we teach our sciences.

On the upshot, since our final isn’t until Friday next, I now have time to finish the last few chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was entirely correct about Snape. Brilliant!