I just got back from working Floyd Fest. Per usual, it rocked up, down, and sideways! We had a number of fantastic bands here for the first time – Scythian, The Waybacks, Carolina Chocolate Drops, the Duhks, and Old Ceremony, among others – joining the old standards – Donna the Buffalo, Railroad Earth, DeVotchKa, etc.. We also got a new secondary stage, built along the same lines as the awe-inspiring Dreaming Creek main stage just up the hill. If the sound was good last year, it was incredible with the new acoustics! Even though it meant putting off studying for my emf test, which logically should be paramount, I happily whiled out my last half-week running myself ragged with the other volunteers. We had a wonderful time making everything run, giving our boss a mental break, and just enjoying the festival. As did most of my friends, I spent all my pocket money on cds (both studio and the live cd-on-demand albums), which, all things considered, is one of the best uses for it. I’ll certainly be a happier person for it.

Floyd Fest is really one of the few music festivals that walks the walk, these days. It’s small, volunteer-run, high quality, clean, friendly, and more than a little hippie. It’s also smack dab in the middle of the Blue Ridges, right off of the Parkway in one of the most gorgeous sections. If you ever get a chance, come up!