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Despite the evidence given by my shoddy update schedule (or lack thereof), I’m still alive and kicking. Physics is dishing up electromagnetic forces at the moment, and since our labs have outstripped our lectures, things are slightly tight, schedule-wise. Also, I’m preparing for a fiddling competition this weekend on top of learning Tomaso Vitali’s Chaconne; doing gigs; moving furniture; learning the ins, outs, and s-bends of plumbing; and attempting vainly to have a normal summer.

The highlight of this past month has been taking care of two wonderful, enormous dogs for some friends. The friends are down in Oaxaca filming about the teachers’ riots. Some of you may remember the story from last year of how the Mexican government violently put down the peaceful annual protests, but probably only because a US journalist was killed. That the man investigating his death was shot twice last month seems to have garnered no media coverage. In fact, the anniversary protests seem to have entirely slipped the minds of US reporters, and this makes the teachers’ situation grave indeed. Their success and even survival depend on being able to communicate their plight to the rest of the country and to the world. Currently, they are unable to picket after dusk for fear of disappearing, and their sole video camera, their insurance that the government will treat them fairly in the public eye, has been broken. Unseen and unheard, what can they hope for?