I admit that I’ve been lazy for the past few days. I could post regularly, but so many other engaging things happen and make my life both interesting and busy that I seldom have quality material ready more than once or twice a week. I’ve had several musical events – two volunteer gigs and a jam – recently, and am preparing for a few more. I also got a pickup for my instrument, so I can now plug in and imitate Hendrix and Ponty to my heart’s content. While this, unpacking, encryption, and dogs have held my attention for the past week, I have rediscovered an older pastime which has kept me happily diverted for some time. The great sleuth walked again this spring as a part of Stanford’s continuing studies program, and I chanced upon their reissues of The Strand magazine earlier this year. The project is complete, but one can still get the 12 issues mailed in bulk. Of course, one could read them online for free, but for any true Sherlockian, this reincarnation requires paper copies, tea, and a comfortably decadent armchair. Howling nighttime gales and McVittie’s biscuits are optional. Whichever way your tastes run, go check out Stanford’s site: http://sherlockholmes.stanford.edu. Now, back to the armchair; the game is afoot!