That’s pronounced /wa’let:e/, by the way, not /’valete/.

It’s rather disorienting, since I remember so little time passing since January, but it is now the end of the school year. When did that happen? I finished with exams, I handed in my research paper, I packed, and still leaving seems an alien concept. I don’t think it quite sunk in until I waved goodbye to one of my good friends this afternoon, but even now I expect to see her if only I walk a few doors down.

My boss is horrible with goodbyes. While I’m grounded enough that I can leave and reunite easily, she gets very emotional. It will be a grand total of just three and a half months before we see each other again (not to mention that I will continue to work for her throughout university), but it was a close call her not crying. I had to hightail it out of the shop after a quick hug. Drama aside, she must be the best boss ever.

Getting ready to leave has reminded me that I really have two homes and two families now. We have different things in common, different locations, but it’s a good feeling. Take care, everyone. May the force be with you!