As a break from writing my 9-page draft for Shirey, last night I went with a friend to PAD’s performance of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s House of Desires. It was fabulous! Go! Go, and take your friends!
Now, I admit that this is slightly biased by my position as an employee of PAD, but I know when we’ve done a damn fine job of it, and this is one of those times. The costumes are amazing, the set is fantastic, the actors and musicians are excellent, and the directing is spot-on. My boss says that this is the best show we’ve put on in 10 years, and I agree. It runs through next weekend at the Edison theater, so take advantage of it!

After the play, we hung out for a while with a friend of ours who co-hosts Newsworthy Ghost Island. We were listening to some of this year’s podcasts of the show and playing Egyptian ratscrew when they came on with their version of “the song that never ends.” It was hilarious, and I’ve been humming it all morning. Although I can’t remember exactly how they put it, here’s my hand at reconstructing the verses:

This is the song that continues indefinitely,
it marches on and on past infinity,
these two guys started voicing it
not heeding what it meant,
and they continued vocalizing
as the chorus went:
this is the song that continues indefinitely,
but we’ve got nothing that rhymes with indefinitely…