Hello, folks,

I have some good news and some bad news. Yesterday, while I was biking back from the store, I got hit by someone running her stop sign. It wasn’t too bad a collision, luckily, but when you get a ton of metal ploughing into something less than one tenth its weight in flesh and aluminum, that’s not saying much. Those of you who see me often know how fastidious I am about helmets and flashers and whatnot, and that saved my life. My helmet has a nice crack in it, but I don’t even have a concussion. However, my bike is totaled and I broke my left shoulder.
This brings me again to the bad news. Because my left side is beautifully wrapped up (thank you, Barnes Jewish!) and I’m on some pretty heavy-duty analgesics, my life has suddenly become much more difficult. I’m now doing everything single-handedly, so doing work and just getting around is going to take a lot longer than it used to. Ergo, I won’t have time for any extraneous posts, and will probably revert to paper for my writing 1 work (I’m right handed and a drafter, fortunately). It has been lovely receiving all of your comments, both online and off, and I wish you all the best of luck. And please, share the road.


P.S. Shirey- I won’t be in class tomorrow to ask, but may I have an extension on the critical analysis? We now also need to talk about the research paper, because I’m not sure I can type that. See you Wednesday.