This is a short exercise we did for our visiting writer the other day.

I, Edna, gave up Harvard med for taxidermy; I was too good at fixing things. All the internship reviews were sterling, but so were the pelts of foxes, and old biddies pay as much for one as the other. Besides, in the upstate hills I was in my element. More so than in the surgery, anyway, though I do still like to doctor things. I guess that’s why I chose the field, as a compromise between nature and medicine. I did an elephant the other day, shipped on ice from the South African preserve and then to a client of mine out west. Boy, was the structure for that one a bugger to build! Took me the better part of two weeks to get it right. Still, it looks as natural as the whooping crane and cane toads that share its destination, starry-eyed and trumpeting.

Anything strike you about Edna? Do tell.