For Shirey’s Rob Roy and One Nation Underpriviledged cover analyses, I have two wonderful pieces of cheese. They might even be limburger.

For Rob Roy: Through its bright palette and juxtaposition of clean text lines against busy action shots, Walt Disney attempts to appeal to a wide audience and convey the interplay of war and romance in the film Rob Roy.

For ONUHAPAUA: Rank uses the red, white, and blue color scheme along with oblique references to the nation’s working-class heartland and a play on the words of the pledge of allegiance to suggest the immediacy and universality of his arguments in One Nation, Underpriviledged.

No offense, Shirey, but I still can not take either of these images entirely seriously. Rank has an excellent case, but it is fairly poorly represented, and having someone read it who has grown up in the poorest area of the nation is a joke. Sadly, I think the students who needed it were those who did not read it. As for Rob Roy…I think we both prefer our Scottish history unmaimed. The Queen is good, though, and filmed on the correct side of the Atlantic!